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Friday, 25 July 2014

Let me introduce myself.

I am an Odesk Freelancer and have more than 2 years of experience in SEO field. My major work is creating backlinks according to the needs of my clients. Its my pleasure that I satisfy my clients and meet their expectations.

You can browse my Odesk profile from the following link.

Muhammad Shakeel's Odesk Profile

Or Like SEO page on Facebook from the given link

Online SEO Tutors Dot Com Facebook Page

Or make a connection on LinkedIn by viewing my profile.

Muhammad Shakeel's LinkedIn Profile

I have many ideas about getting your website ranked quickly and you just need to send me an Email to check my sample work or getting my trusted services.

Before hiring me make sure that you are looking for:

  • Trusted and Experienced Services
  • Spam Free SEO Tactics
  • Natural and White Hat Backlinks
  • Preferring Quality over Quantity
  • Having Ample Time to Check My Abilities

Moreover, you guys can add me in your G+ circles to get latest updates about my blog.

Muhammad Shakeel's Google Plus Page

Its my pleasure to read your opinions and comments about my working and leave any suggestion in comment area for improving my skills. Thank You!

Happy Working, Ranking and Happy Read :)


  1. Its pleasure to see your introductory post but I am looking for some great tips about on-page optimization as you are a professional. Best of luck for your new blog :)

  2. Hi Kevin,

    What you want to ask about on-page optimization i can help you in your queries.

    Looking forward to hear with you.

  3. i am very happy to see your own blogs. this blogs help you to improve yourself in online SEO so, you just need to work hard for your achievements.

    Looking forward to appreciate with you.


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